It seems that many readers want to know about who the people behind a blog are, so here is my 'about' page.

My name is Tom, I'm in my mid 20s and live in Manchester, England. I started writing this blog in early 2012 as a means of expressing my opinions about the films I'd watched. I was never that into films when I was younger and it was only when I saw a couple of Martin Scorsese films at University that I realised what a joy cinema could be. Since then I've watched a lot of films, often with my girlfriend and enjoy discussing them with friends and family. My mum said to me a couple of years ago that I should write about film but didn't think I'd know how to.

In late 2011 I was made redundant and looking for things to do to fill my time, I decided to have a go at film criticism. I wrote my first post in late January 2012 and about seven people read it. I kept at it though and now just over six months later (at time of writing) I'm getting a steadily increasing number of readers along with a few regulars. To gain a little more insight into me and my blog below is a little Q and A section. If you have any further questions though, feel free to comment or contact me through my Contact page.

What sort of films do you write about?
I'll review every film I watch and will watch just about anything. I have no favourite genre but enjoy Korean cinema and Silent Comedy the most. On my blog though I've reviewed everything from a 1903 Western to Children's Animation to Erotic Thrillers. You're bound to find something that floats your boat somewhere on the site.

What are your favourite films?
My all time favourites are City Lights, This is Spinal Tap, Wall - E, Taxi Driver, The Goat, Senna, Oldboy and more recently would add Psycho and Sunrise to that list.

Are there any genres or films you don't like or won't watch?
Genre wise I'll watch anything and I try to remain open minded about specific films but don't like 'Torture Porn' or Sex and the City style romantic comedies.

What about favourite Directors?
You'll find a lot of my favourites in my Great Directors section but my all time favourites are Martin Scorsese, Charlie Chaplin, Wes Anderson, Park Chan-wook, Woody Allen, Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog.

What do you do/like besides film?
I work for a Government Department where I get shouted at by Scottish people a lot of the day. In my spare time I like basketball, Formula One, astronomy, history, current affairs and live comedy. I occasionally make short stop motion videos which can be found here.

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