Monday, 30 April 2012

Scorsese in Sequence

Scorsese in Sequence is a new feature of my blog in which I will watch, study and review every one of Martin Scorsese’s feature films, starting with 1968’s Who's That Knocking at My Door and ending with 2011’s Hugo.

Martin Scorsese is responsible for creating my love of film. It wasn’t until I was at University and first watched Taxi Driver and Goodfellas that I ever felt a love or passion for film After seeing those two in the same week I wanted to discover and watch all of his films and have since watched all but two.

I’m going to watch every one of Scorsese’s films in order and do a write up about them here. Below is the list of reviews and films waiting to be reviewed.

Who's That Knocking at My Door 

New York, New York

Raging Bull

The King of Comedy

After Hours

The Color of Money

The Last Temptation of Christ


Cape Fear

The Age of Innocence



Bringing out the Dead

The Aviator

The Departed

Shutter Island


  1. Wow that's ambitious! Best of luck with it. I just did a similar thing with my Kubrick boxed set, but that was only 8 films!

    1. Thanks! I haven't set myself a time limit but I'm going to aim for one a week. I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver Boxcar Bertha before I can continue.