Sunday, 23 June 2013

Six of the Best... Actors My Girfriend Wishes I Was

Last week I had a lot of fun researching for my Six of the Best... Most Beautiful Actresses feature and decided that this week I'd give their male counterparts a look in. I turned to my girlfriend who jumped at the chance to spend all week perusing Google images for sexy actors. Although I cheated and included twelve on my list, as this week's choices are all current actors, I limited her to just the usual six. From a list of what seemed like several hundred she finally managed to settle on six late last night. At least I thought she had. I woke up this morning with an email from her (we live together by the way) which asked for a last minute substitution. I shouldn't be surprised as all week I've heard shouts of "Oh, what about Fassbender?!" "Ummm.... James Franco. Oooh" and "Mark Ruffalo, MARK RUFFALO!" emanating from her direction. So after a last minute change (sorry Jared Leto) here is a list of hot actors according to my girlfriend, who obviously must have very good taste in men. Those of you who know me will be able to see the similarities between these men and myself and for anyone who hasn't seen what I look like, imagine an amalgamation of these six actors and put a beard on them.

Clockwise from top left.

Johnny Depp. Born 1963, Owensboro, USA. Known from Pirates of the Caribbean, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Sleepy Hollow.
Ryan Gosling. Born 1980, London, Canada. Known from The Notebook, Drive, Gangster Squad.
Cilian Murphy. Born 1976, Douglas, Ireland. Known from 28 Days Later, Breakfast on Pluto, Inception.
Alexander Skarsgard. Born 1976, Stockholm, Sweden. Known from Melancholia, Battleship, True Blood (TV).
Michael Pitt. Born 1981, West Orange, USA. Known from The Village, Funny Games, Boardwalk Empire (TV).
Michael Fassbender. Born 1977, Heidelberg, Germany. Known from Hunger, X-Men First Class, Shame.

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